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Services & Solution

Looking for help with your IT support and IT management?

We offer a full range of IT support services to meet all your needs:

 Cloud Strategies

 IT Infrastructure

 IT Security

 Managed IT Support



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What we have to offer for YOU

High Tech IT Support Services are delivered exclusively from within the UK and are available on a 24 x 7 basis.

Customers are provided with direct access to dedicated professionals with extensive skills committed to providing high end support which also includes support for PACS & CRIS (Health Care), associated products and infrastructure.

The support team is located within the same office as the development function, to provide detailed expertise where required.

To underpin support services, the High Tech IT technical services team are trained to provide specialised Operating System and Hardware support which strengthen the support capability.

Customers have the flexibility of accessing High Tech IT support via telephone, email or through an online web logging system.

We can provide a complete range of IT solutions for every aspect of your business. We place emphasis on proactive support to pickup any system faults before they disrupt the day to day running of your business. We specialise in system support, e-mail services, network security, server setup and web development.

With High Tech IT, even a small company can have access to highly-skilled people without the expense of maintaining a large in-house IT department

For more information regarding the available support services and how High Tech IT may support your specific needs please contact us.